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Christmas Under Wraps Style Guide

by Jenny Sneed 26 Jan 2024
Christmas Under Wraps Style Guide

Christmas Under Wraps might be the most iconic Hallmark Christmas movie to ever exist ... the one that started it all! It is the perfect movie to put on when you want to mentally escape from the real world and pretend that you can actually live a Hallmark life .. and we have all the details so you can dress the part when you do!

Outfit Links:
That's Garland For Ya T-Shirt: Get Back To Festive 🎄 (
H&M Logg Sweater: Colorful Fair Isle Sweater As Seen on Hallmark - Size Small – dressingfestive
Boots and Hat Accessories: 
Hallmark Popcorn Bowl: Hallmark Channel Red Movie Marathon Popcorn Bowl (Metal) | eBay


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